Police are trying to prevent crime.

Police are trying to prevent crime.

In the fight against crime. When preventive conversations and reading of morality ceases to act, the police are forced to resort to more drastic measures. Some of the servants of order have a particular ingenuity in this respect, choosing as their weapons, which many fear more than fines or the prospect to spend the night at the station. And no, we are not talking about torture, but about the spoilers for the second season of the popular sci-Fi series Stranger Things.

Officers of the police Department in East Lansing, Michigan, on Sunday published a post to Twitterto alert potential criminals that they face if they don’t stay out of trouble. The police hung on the walls pictures with spoilers for the final episodes of the Stranger Things on the walls, believing that spoiled the fun will be an appropriate punishment for those who will be in the cells of temporary confinement, in violation of the law.

We’ve taped Stranger Things spoilers all over the walls of our jail this week. Some extra motivation for you to not end up there. pic.twitter.com/SEbRlXx4BJ

— East Lansing Police (@EastLansingPD) November 5, 2017

«We’ve got spoilers for the Stranger Things on the walls, and they would fix before the end of next week. Here’s additional motivation to behave well,» — said in a tweet @EastLansingPD right under the gif image one of the main characters of the show, a girl named eleven (played by Millie Bobby brown), eating waffles.

The police had resorted to such tactics in the day of a football match between University teams of Michigan and Pennsylvania. Thus, they were hoping to keep football fans from too vigorous celebration of the victory over opponents.