A girl born at 21 weeks, celebrated his 3rd birthday

A girl born at 21 weeks, celebrated his 3rd birthday

A miracle happened in the hospital in San Antonio, Texas. A tiny baby born early at almost 4 months, managed to survive.

Often the child is born in the period 39-40 weeks. A little daughter couple Stensrud saw the world through 21 weeks and four days after conception. Unexpected birth began with premature outpouring of amniotic fluid and infection of membranes.

A girl born at 21 weeks, celebrated his 3rd birthday

After birth, the doctor-neonatologist, Kashif, Ahmad, told the mother of the baby, Courtney Stensrud, about the extremely low chances that the child will be able to survive. In view of the unprecedented situation, the doctor even advised the woman to refuse the return to life of premature girls.

«But when mother asked us to do everything possible for her daughter, despite the lack of reason to believe that the child will survive, I made the decision to maintain its viability,» said Dr. Ahmad.

The doctors did not expect to hear the heartbeat of girls. But when it happened, with the help of special breathing tube they provided the ingress of oxygen into the lungs of the child. After these manipulations, the frequency of heart beats began to grow.

Courtney admitted that when holding a newborn baby, then herself, calmed myself, repeating the phrase, «Just trust and believe.»

At the moment the baby Stensrud (parents are asked not to call her name) is probably the «most premature» child of all newborns are recorded. Perhaps this case will be illustrative and will help other moms not to despair in such situations.

But Dr. Ahmad does not want to jump to conclusions. He suggests that the case of the family of Stensrud could be one in several thousand.

Born before 22 weeks ‘most premature’ baby is now thriving: https://t.co/kXyJsPcaUD pic.twitter.com/TidSMkFhzw

— CNN Health (@cnnhealth) September 8, 2017

«We were notified about this case because after resuscitation the baby felt good, but it is likely that this is simply an extraordinary event… We need more information before we can make any conclusions,» said Ahmad.

Now, 3 years later, the little girl feels fine, she is healthy and active. According to parents, the girl did not differ from their peers in kindergarten. Doctors have also confirmed that to her knowledge, motor skills and language skills correspond to her age.

According to the world health organization, globally, around 15 million babies are born early – before 37 weeks of pregnancy. But too precise about what the term should be given recommendations for the return of a premature baby to life, remains unanswered.