Uber will be United with NASA to create routes air taxi

Uber will be United with NASA to create routes air taxi

Gradual accession to the roads almost all over the world Uber, apparently, not enough, once the company began to look up in the sky. In this dream there are not limited.

Today Uber has signed an agreement with NASA for the creation of software for the management of air routes for the future of flying taxis, which transport company plans to turn beautiful ideas into reality by 2020.

The first cities where will be created the network, will become Los Angeles and Dallas. Guide Uber is confident that the new technology will allow people to literally fly through all the horrors of the city roads, including the ubiquitous tube.

Air taxi, which will be called UberAir, according to forecasts, the company should quickly gain popularity passengers and start making tens of thousands of flights a day.

Uber plans look quite ambitious and very much like sci-Fi movies where cars are flying through the air is a common thing, and people, instead of go down, leaving the house, climb up on roofs where they can collect the winged taxi. To bring the fantasy to life, the transport company started to cooperate with NASA, which knows a lot about flying. The engineers of the space Agency needs to help transport companies to implement a number of projects designed to prevent collisions in the air over densely populated urban areas.

Uber also announced that the company has signed an agreement with Sandstone Properties in Los Angeles about the development of the first runway, a terminal Skyport on city buildings.

At the presentation of the project, the transport company said that the flight from the international airport of Los Angeles at the Staples Center in downtown angels will take only 27 minutes instead of the usual one and a half hours, although the cost of such travel will be about the same as a normal UberX trip.

It is planned that the first test flight with 4 passengers will be held in Los Angeles in 2020 as a full service flying taxi will be reached by 2028, when the city will host the Olympic games.