Christmas songs can harm your psyche

Christmas songs can harm your psyche

A clinical psychologist from the UK Linda Blair said that the overabundance of Christmas music is bad for mental health. A flurry of melodies that comes ahead of the holidays causes them to remember everything they should do before the holiday: buy gifts, arrange a party, organizing a trip and other troubles.

The psychologist adds, Christmas music primarily affect employees of the stores. Listening to the same tracks every day makes us «incapable of concentrating on anything else.» «Christmas music can annoy people, if it sounds too loud and too early,» the scientist explains.

The owners of retail stores are trying to lure customers, including songs almost the entire month before the holiday. Blurred Christmas, a phenomenon in which the celebration every year it starts earlier, forcing sellers to make a playlist in mid-October. According to Tampa Bay Times, stores are starting to include festive music from October 22.

Danny Turner, officer of Mood Media, said he advises shops are not put new, or endless boring song.

We’re barely into November and stores are already playing Christmas music. How early is too early? via @SpataTimes

— Carl Lisciandrello (@carlmarksTimes) November 8, 2017

«Only November and the shops have Christmas music».