In a controversial advertising campaign used a model with hairy legs

In a controversial advertising campaign used a model with hairy legs

Is the autumn collection of shoes from the brand Adidas Originals has challenged the stereotypes in the movie starring some people whose way of life differs from the usual.

One of the models caused a particularly strong reaction of the audience — she poses in a feminine dress with lace, sneakers, socks and hairy legs.

26-year-old Swedish fashion model and photographer arvida Bystrøm (Arvida Byström) — a supporter of the movement No Shave, feminist currents, designed to combat sexism. The girl stands for nature with all its attributes: she refuses to shave her legs, armpits, bikini area,

and absolutely not shy about «orange peel» on the thighs.

The response to her appearance in advertising was extremely controversial, and this is demonstrated by the comments under the video on the channel Adidas Origins.

Many viewers (including male) supported Bystrøm and praised her for the courage to be yourself. However, the negative reviews also had enough. A week after advertising the model admitted that faced with an avalanche of insults, and not even her mail came a letter with the threat of rape.

All this has not deprived the girl of self-confidence.

«I can’t even imagine how we can live in our world without the privileges I possess. Radiate love and try to remember that we are all different,» commented Bystrøm nitpicking and accusations.

Adidas definitely got what I wanted thanks unshaven models around new product have any serious excitement.