MTA discontinues the use of the treatment of «ladies and gentlemen»

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2017/11/2d7ab2e0391d547da833e0a4b4907721.jpg" alt="MTA discontinues the use of the treatment of «ladies and gentlemen»” />

Now, standing on the platform of the subway station, you will not hear the appeal «ladies and gentlemen» when you will be informed about another delay or change of schedule. The MTA intend to completely abandon too insensitive to gender identity phrase, as in subway stations and on the trains.

«We are fundamentally changing the approach to how we talk with the passengers to provide them with better and clearer information», — said in his statement, the representative of AIT John Weinstein.

This week the Agency sent to all staff Bulletin in which they were requested to replace the greeting non-gender terms, including such requests as «passengers», «riders» or «all». All addressed to passengers with messages that are played on the record will be overwritten with the new rules.

Managers and heads of departments were requested to monitor compliance with the new rules for the treatment of.