Cuomo introduced the new rules about work schedules

Cuomo introduced the new rules about work schedules

On Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced the public to the new rules of drawing up work schedules for people getting paid by the hour. According to the regulations, employers are now required to do this two weeks ahead of time.

The new rules do not completely prohibit so-called planning requirement, however, provide for a fee in the amount of the minimum cost 2 hours of work for the tasks assigned without the prior two-week planning.

Cuomo introduced the new rules about work schedules

In addition, employers now will be required to pay for at least 4 hours of work for shifts they cancelled less than 72 hours in advance.

The Governor believes that rules developed by the Department of labour will facilitate the lives of employees, helping them to maintain flexibility and making salaries more equitable. The resolution will be a guarantee of security for those who receive piece-rate wages and had a job to do something else, like family or education.

The new rules replace rules adopted earlier this year that require pre-planning schedules for the workers of services and trade.

Big business representatives have already spoken out against the proposed regulations, believing that they will become the next financial and administrative hurdle for employers. Businessmen are confident that the decision will make them even more uncompetitive and vulnerable, compared to representatives from other States.

Officials added that the new rules will not apply to those employees who are called to «cover» a colleague and marry him to change, and also on employers who cancel the change in connection with the causes to which they have no influence, for example, difficult weather conditions.