Netflix has ordered a drama production about the Romanovs

Netflix has ordered a drama production about the Romanovs

Netflix do not spend money on their own projects. Recently, the company ordered a big-budget documentary drama about the last representatives of the dynasty of the Romanovs.

The drama production will company Nutopia, created by Jane Ruth, the famous female producer standing at the helm of the BBC 2 and Discovery Networks. American — British company most known for having produced documentary project The Story Of Us, which included America Story Of Us and Mankind The Story Of All Of Us.

Netflix has ordered a drama production about the Romanovs

The series consists of 6 episodes called «Last kings» (The Last Czars), and the events will mostly focus on the fall of the monarchy in Russia. The last Emperor, and, apparently, one of the key characters of the series, Emperor Nicholas II, was executed along with his family after the Revolution in the Ipatiev mansion in Yekaterinburg in the night of 16 to 17 July 1918.

Netflix say that the series will represent a symbiosis of documentary, historical drama and reconstruction.

It seems that in the last couple of years the theme of the stories of the monarchs was especially popular. Last year all the same Netflix presented to the public a drama called «the Crown«, which tells about the life of the current British Queen, Elizabeth II. Almost immediately after she left the British TV series «Victoria«on the Board and becoming one of the most famous representatives of the British monarchy, Queen Victoria. In Russia earlier this year in rolling out the film «Matilda«, where the viewer tell about the affair between the then crown Prince Nicholas Romanov and the prima ballerina of the Mariinsky theatre with Mathilde Kschessinska. The picture caused a storm of criticism, accusations of libel, and even insult the feelings of believers.


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