Texas shooter «trained» on the dogs

Texas shooter «trained» on the dogs

Texas shooter Devin Patrick Kelly bought the dog on Craigslist with the sole purpose to kill them.

About this CNN said Jessica Edwards, who served two years with Kelly air force base in new Mexico.

Texas shooter «trained» on the dogs

Kelly admitted her after he was fired from the BBC, writing the recognition of the correspondence in Facebook. Jessica Edwards says: she doesn’t know if Devin told Kelly the truth, but his strange behavior was enough to get her to believe.

«He was joking about getting to kill someone or shoot myself,» recalls Edwards. «And we said, you know, it’s not funny.»

It came to the point that when Kelly was fired, Edwards asked authorities to return him – «or he will shoot himself».

In addition, somehow in the conversation, Kelly mentioned that he admires Dylan RUF – shot, staged in 2015, mass murder in a Church of Charleston. «He said did you see the news? Pretty cool, huh?», continues Jessica.

Note, in 2014 Devin Kelly was accused of animal cruelty when he killed a dog in Colorado, but the case was closed because the man paid the fine.

Jessica says: their correspondence began more and more to frighten her, and she decided to remove Devin Kelly from friends on Facebook. But she gave him my phone number so «he called, if he would think to harm yourself or others».

«I told him about it,» says Jessica. «Because one day he confessed: I am one of the few who was able to calm him down».

But Kelly, she never called.