4-year-old girls consider themselves twins because «they have one soul»

4-year-old girls consider themselves twins because «they have one soul»

Do you know why Gia is Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland consider themselves twins? Despite different skin color, they are convinced that «they have the same birthday and one soul.»

Two four-year baby – real friends do not spill water. Girls go to school and dress alike. Their two-year friendship even devoted an entire school Board.

But the baby became so close to each other that are confident in their relationships. And the fact that they were born with a difference in two days and, of course, from different mothers, does not prevent them to consider themselves sisters.

According to mother Gia, Ashley Riggs Sarnicola, recently one kid was trying to prove to her daughter that he and Zuri can’t be twins. The girl denies this assertion, in spite of all the arguments.

«You don’t understand, we’re twins because we have the same birthday and one soul,» – said Gia.

Sarnicola said that he was proud that his daughter. She is convinced that this is a positive result of living in a multicultural city.

Mother assured that their family never talked to the girls about their external differences. According to Sarnicola, baby just don’t notice. She believes that they have become so close because of their similarities.

«They have very strong personalities, they’re both very responsive, communicative, smart and not afraid to tell you what they want. They immediately found a common language», – said Gia’s mother.