Rupert Murdoch is not averse to buy CNN

Rupert Murdoch is not averse to buy CNN

According to some reports, Rupert Murdoch probes the ground for the purchase and CNN. According to Reuters, the President of 21st Century Fox called twice President of AT&T over the past six months. Both times (16 may and 8 August), Murdoch wondered if CNN is not for sale. President of AT&T replied that this issue was not discussed.

According to recent reports, CNN is now in the centre of the other the deal to buy Time Warner for $ 85.4 billion. The Ministry of justice recommended AT&T to sell radio Time Warner, which includes CNN, to obtain approval of the Antimonopoly Committee.

Rupert Murdoch is not averse to buy CNN

However, according to another source Reuters, the owner of 21st Century Fox does not Express any interest in CNN.

We will remind that earlier the President of the trump ridiculed for CNN’s «fake news», but praised Fox News is the brainchild of Murdoch. During last year’s presidential campaign, he said he was unhappy with CNN, and promised that the Ministry of justice will block it. However, the leadership of AT&T opposed the closure and promised, otherwise, apply for the property trump to court.


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