Puma was walking at the Playground in San Francisco (video)

Puma was walking at the Playground in San Francisco (video)

In San Francisco in mountain lion, which on Friday issued notice near the Playground, shot from a tranq gun, put a GPS collar and will soon be released into the wild.

The animal was spotted in the bushes and undergrowth and ivy right behind the residential complex near Diamond Heights, San Francisco, California. Puma lurking in the shadows not far from the Playground.

Puma was walking at the Playground in San Francisco (video)

In the end, the authorities decided to sedate her with a tranquilizer dart, because Diamond Heights is a very densely populated area.

«When I arrived, the Cougar was hiding,» he told the San Francisco Chronicle Lieutenant James, the Chief of the wildlife Department. «After the first shot was 10 minutes, but it was still moving. But later, the tranquilizer took effect».

A mountain lion weighing 82 pounds loaded on a truck bound feet and wearing a black eye mask. The animal was taken to the Santa Cruz Puma organization at the University of California. Ecologist wildlife Chris Wilmers stated that this is a young male. Now it will be released.

Unlike many big cats, Cougars rarely attack people, prefer to avoid it. But mountain lions can still be a reflex of the attack, if a person move quickly, he is of small stature (e.g., child) is one.

Stop us if you’ve heard this before — so a mountain lion strolls through a San Francisco neighborhood and makes itself at home near the doorstep of a busy apartment complex… https://t.co/RYs0jdd3cY pic.twitter.com/qWdJ4znytE

— ABC7 News (@abc7newsbayarea) November 11, 2017