New York- the capital of cigarette smuggling

New York- the capital of cigarette smuggling

Foundation specialists declare taxes at excessively high taxes are the reason, new York came in first place in terms of smuggling of cigarettes. It is 56,8% of the total consumption in the state of cigarettes.

According to a study published by analysts tax Foundation, 2015 state lost of $ 1.63 billion for undeclared and, therefore, not taxable sales.

New York- the capital of cigarette smuggling

In new York there is a tax of $ 4.35 per package of cigarettes. The city adds to this private tax in the amount of 1.5 USD. Total, $ 5.85 in taxes. This astronomical sum has led to the fact that in the Big Apple formed a huge «black market» of cigarettes and tobacco, which is only 2015 is actually «stolen» from the Treasury 740 million dollars.

At the same time, the report shows that the growth of smuggling has increased parallel with the growth of taxes. So, from 2006 the taxation of cigarettes increased by 190%, smuggling has increased by 59%.

City officials explain our tactics on his own. They argue that continue to maintain high tax rates on cigarettes, save lives. However, they do not deny that know about the trafficking of contraband cigarettes.


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