Church in Texas held the first service after a mass shooting

Church in Texas held the first service after a mass shooting

First Baptist Church of Sutherland springs on Sunday held the first service after the mass shooting, which killed 26 people and wounding dozens of worshipers.

On this day in the Church opened a temporary memorial to the victims of the shooting. To return to the crime scene people were not able, so the service was held just a few blocks to a baseball field in a specially installed tent that was carefully guarded by employees of the Department of public safety of Texas, Deputy sheriffs and employees of the Department for emergency situations.

At the service attended by more than 500 people came to honor the memory of victims from all corners of the country. In a tent placed a white wooden cross with candles.

The service was conducted by pastors of churches from all over Texas. A separate floor was given to Frank Pomeroy – pastor of the First Baptist Church which was lost during the tragic events of his 14-year-old daughter. The priest urged the congregation to always «choose life» and not «darkness», as did the shooter Devin Kelly.

«Victory has a price,» he told them. «You can’t win the battle without receiving wounds without having the loss.»

«I know anyone who ended the life of that day,» said he, «Some of them were my best friends, there was my daughter, and I guarantee without a shadow of a doubt that they are now celebrating with Jesus.»

At the end of the service, the pastors announced that the next Sunday service will be held at the First Baptist Church, which previously had committed mass murder.

Church opens for first time since Texas shooting

— WBRZ News (@WBRZ) November 13, 2017