Study | Where in America the easiest way to find love

Study | Where in America the easiest way to find love

Financial website WalletHub conducted an interesting study, considering various factors related to Dating and going on dates. As a result, analysts get the rating «Best and worst cities for single people«, which included 182 cityand from different parts of the United States.

At the top of the list settled city, where the situation with a date is best, and below, respectively, the city’s «least friendly» to those who have not yet met his love.

Study | Where in America the easiest way to find love

The study is based on the assessment of how easily the city can tie a new acquaintance and maintain a romantic relationship. Analysts have also not paid attention to the economic side of the question, considering how accessible are restaurants, bars, cinemas, taxi, housing costs and even the cost of services beauty salons.

The hardest part was counting the number of possible visits, but it failed to researchers. To do this, they examined the number of single people in each city, gender balance, online opportunities for meetings and special ratings of mobile apps, particularly Tinder.

This year, the palm went to San Francisco. Despite the fact that it is one of the three most expensive cities in the US, when we are talking about going out, San Francisco took third and fourth place in the number of entertainment and opportunities to meet, respectively, which allow him to climb to the top of the overall ranking. Behind the City by the Bay followed by Atlanta, Los Angeles, Denver and San Diego. Chicago got 7-th place, and new York took the 20-th position.

The worst cities for single people, according to WalletHub, steel in South Burlington Vermont, Brownsville, Texas, Pembroke pines and hialeah, Florida and Warwick in Rhode island.

Source: WalletHub