Replacement of MetroCard can make travel cheaper

Replacement of MetroCard can make travel cheaper

In connection with the replacement of the MetroCard with contactless media experts hope that his successor will be able to provide a more equitable system of tariffs.

The new system will help all inhabitants of new York city, including lower income, to benefit. This was reported by David Jones, President and CEO of the Association of social initiatives in new York and a Board member of the MTA.

Replacement of MetroCard can make travel cheaper

Cubic Transportation Systems, a company that deals with the replacement of MetroCard can implement a project similar to the Oyster Card, which she sold in London.

«If you look at why the Oyster card and contactless Card other cards so popular, it is one of the reasons is connected with the limitation,» said Shashi Verma, chief technical officer Transport for London.

What do you mean? By analogy with the Oyster Card, the new system will work in the following «limited» travel: the passenger will be 2 options – daily and weekly limits (daily and weekly capping). After daily or weekly card limit is exhausted, he doesn’t need to top up again, he will be able to continue their journey for free.

New technology will also allow MTA to implement lower tariffs during off-peak hours, which, according to Verma, will increase the passenger traffic.

Some new Yorkers fear that the new tariffs will not be available for passengers who have no Bank accounts or smartphones. But the MTA has promised to meet the needs of all its customers. A special card will be available for cash purchase at the stations or at kiosks around the clock.