White male from Florida, considers himself a Filipino

White male from Florida, considers himself a Filipino

If the realities of gender identity have become accustomed, this resident of Florida goes beyond the ordinary.

Ja Doo’s real name is Adam, he was born a white male in Tampa, Florida, but says that his racial identity feels Asian, specifically Filipino.

«Every time I eat Filipino food, listen to music, I understand that it was for me, I’m in your body», — the man told WTSP. «Sometimes I spent hours watching historical channels, when talking about Philippine culture.»

Ja Do can’t change your appearance, but it is frequently found in Tampa in purple tuk-tuk (jeepney) – a small bus, which has become one of the symbols of the Philippines.

Psychologist Stacey Segner told channel WTSP that she’s never had a client wanting to change their race, but she does not see the situation of Adam (or ja Du) is nothing strange.

«If someone feels a connection to a certain religion, culture or race, really feels it is a way to understand himself. The better you know yourself, the happier you become. While it does not harm others or yourself, I don’t see the problem,» — said the psychologist.

Sam ja Du, in his words, is afraid to admit the family because he feared that he would not be taken seriously.

One of the most famous public confession to a different racial identity is Rachel Dolezal, ex-President of the National Association for the advancement of colored people. The woman, being white, has positioned itself as African-American.