The new Yorkers abandon the subway in favor of the taxi

The new Yorkers abandon the subway in favor of the taxi

Residents of new York to find other ways in order to get on with the job at the time, as passenger traffic in the metro has fallen in comparison with last year.

So, in 2016 the peak per day was 6 million. For the first 9 months of 2017 it is approaching to the level of 5.7 million per day, despite the fact that in the city there are almost 50 thousand new jobs.

This happens because of the constant delays and breakdowns in the subway, including the derailed cars, as happened in the summer. Also, according to the MTA, ridership has fallen on the buses. If in 2013 it amounted to 2.1 million people a day, now it’s only 238 thousand.

«Even with 5.7 million, metro of new York- near a historical high,» said MTA representative John Weinstein. «We hope to stabilize the system thanks to the adopted plan of action and will give passengers the reliability they deserve. In addition, we are interested in the fact that passengers often use the buses,» added Weinstein.

What are other ways to get to work and back choose new Yorkers? First of all it’s Uber, Lyft and CitiBikes.
«Personally, I use Uber more often than the subway» — told the Daily News the 23-year-old Jamie Shares a restaurant employee in Midtown, who lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn. «I don’t know, maybe because it was more money and maybe because it’s more convenient. By not working as by day, and the fact that if you go to certain areas, it is safer and easier to call a car through the phone, not to go to the metro station».

However, economists argue that the increasing number of jobs in the coming months in metro new York is a real «boom».