The new iPhone X do not survive even after one drop

The new iPhone X do not survive even after one drop

In the last couple of weeks, only lazy did not discuss the release of the new iPhone X and his scandalous price of almost $1000. But despite this, fans of the brand lined up in huge queues to get the coveted device. All would have been good if the new smartphone from Apple was not the most breakable phone line.

iPhone X may boast a few nice features such as a beautiful screen, a nice glass case and wireless charging feature. But that is not among its advantages is durability. A techno — bloggers say that the chance to break a new toy at the first drop is higher than ever before. It is enough to even make the phone just slipped from my hand or from the pocket. All, luxurious glass body is covered with a cobweb of cracks (in the best case, the screen continues to work), and glass replacement in the service center is Oh how expensive.

We should also specify the fact that bloggers base their statements not just in words. Many of them have already acquired the most talked about gadget this fall, and broke it. And all to ensure that their judgments were as honest and efficient.

To help extend the life of the iPhone X and the nervous system of its owners may be the casethat, in the opinion of the blogger-testers is a must-have accessory to purchase. It will cost an additional $40-$50, but believe me, it’s cheaper than to pay for the replacement glass. If you buy the warranty Applecare, the first two times the revived gadget for $100. No guarantee the repair will cost $550 (recall that you have already paid $1000 for the phone itself). Entertaining arithmetic in.

Unfortunately, Fortuna was not too supportive of some of the new iPhone X, many of whom already feel the pain of a broken screen.

if anyone is having a bad day, I just shattered my iPhone X if it makes u feel any better

— Mr doctor professor Samer is pronounced (SAM)-ER (@SamerButi) November 6, 2017

«If suddenly you have a bad day, just look at the fact that I broke my iPhone X, maybe it makes you feel a little better.»

Some of this unpleasant situation even dream of in nightmares.

I had a dream my boss asked me to babysit his iPhone X. I dropped it and it shattered then I woke up almost crying

— Short Girl (@tam_tu) November 6, 2017

«I dreamed that my boss asked me to sit with his iPhone X. I dropped and broke it, and then woke up in tears.»

Some openly make fun of the unfortunate.

you guys really spent $1000 on the iphone x and have already shattered them???

— Kat (@KatBreathesFire) November 5, 2017

«Are you sure you bought the iPhone X for $ 1,000 and already broke it?».

Apple justifies such fragility of a new device in that although it has «the strongest glass ever used in a smartphone», it is not «indestructible», so it must be handled carefully.