Housing authority new York years did not check the house for lead paint

Housing authority new York years did not check the house for lead paint

According to the statement of the Investigative Department of the United States for many years, the city housing authority (NYCHA) lied that conducted a review of apartments in the city. The report of the Department States that NYCHA chair Shola Olatoye and high-ranking officials knew about the negligence of the inspection of potentially hazardous paint, however, claimed to have done all the necessary checks. Press Secretary NYCHA Joan Weinberg said that the office started to change their protocols on inspections last year.

In new York, about 55 000 flats, which used lead paint, among them are families with children under the age of six years. The Department of housing and urban development U.S. requires an annual inspection of these apartments. The purpose of the inspection was to identify possible hazards due to paint, to living in the apartment, particularly young children. Lead paint is especially dangerous in the case when showered on radiators or window sills. Breathe it in children, and this leads to increased lead levels in the blood.

Housing authority new York years did not check the house for lead paint

To prevent such consequences, NYCHA must annually inspect the apartment and then report to HUD on the work performed.

The Ministry of the interior (DOI) found that from 2012 to 2014, NYCHA did not perform annual audits, in 2016 the situation is potentially dangerous homes again. However, the organization never ceased to report to HUD on the performed inspections, claiming that the paint was all right. Olatoye said they did not know about the negligence of subordinates until spring 2016, but a month earlier, the Ministry found that «some senior officials, NYCHA was aware that NYCHA did not comply with the conditions«.

In October 2016 during a meeting with officials from HUD in Washington Olatoye for the first time admitted that within two years, starting in 2012, NYCHA did not fulfill their obligations. DOI Commissioner mark Peters recommended to control the administration to «enforce security checks». To include mandatory security checks of lead paint, elevators, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide.


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