Who becomes victims of crimes of hate in the USA

Who becomes victims of crimes of hate in the USA

The FBI has published annual statistics on crimes of hate. This time there were analyzed data obtained from 15 of 254 police departments.

As reported in the Bureau, last, 2016, in the United States was 6121 criminal incident, which occurred on hate.

Who becomes victims of crimes of hate in the USA

Of them:

  • In 57.5% of crimes motivated by racial or ethnic hatred
  • 21% of crimes motivated by religious hatred
  • 17,7% of crimes motivated by sexual orientation

The remaining cases crimes motivated by gender identity or hatred to people with disabilities.

Most often, according to the report, crimes of hate were committed in residential buildings or near them (27,3%) and roads (18 ,4%). Other incidents occurred in schools, churches, restaurants, night clubs, Parking lots, garages, playgrounds, parks and even in hospitals.

In other words, becoming a victim of crime hate, unfortunately, can be everywhere. The incidents suffered 7615 people.

For crimes motivated by racial hatred:

  • 50,2% of the victims were African Americans
  • 20.5% of is the victim of racial hatred against white
  • 10,9% of the victims were Hispanic
  • Of 3.8% — the victims – native Americans, in particular, the incidents were in Alaska.

Crimes motivated by religious hatred , the majority of victims – Jews (54,4%), followed by Muslims (24,5%), Catholics (4.1 percent), Orthodox (1.9 per cent), Protestants (1,4%), Mormons (0,5%), Buddhists (0.1 percent).

«Crimes motivated by hatred fall under Federal jurisdiction and are a priority in investigations in the context of our civil rights,» said the FBI.