New York teacher rescued the woman from the killer

New York teacher rescued the woman from the killer

Monday night could be the last for a resident of new York if she hadn’t had the chance to meet a history teacher and coach football and ice hockey Jeff Michael. 42-year-old teacher saved a woman during an attempted murder.

Around 21:40, Michael was returning home in West Harrison. Driving along With mill river road, he saw in the road a bloody woman. She was barely standing on his feet and held his stomach.

New York teacher rescued the woman from the killer

When Michael approached the stranger, she asked for his help. The woman explained that the ex-boyfriend six times, stabbed her with a screwdriver and any minute will return for her soul.

So the victim bleeds out, the teacher clamped her wounds torn t-shirt and called 911. Before he could finish speaking on the phone, a woman shouted, «there he is!». Michael turned around and saw the car of her former lover, which was approaching him.

Apparently, the presence of a witness scared the aggressor, and he went away, throwing a few rude phrases in the direction of the teacher and rescued women.

The victim was taken to medical center of Westchester in Valhalla, and her would-be assassin, the 38-year-old native of Yonkers David Rojas was arrested soon after.

«I couldn’t stay away. What if it was my daughter?» — explained his actions to the hero.

It is obvious that without the timely intervention of Jeff and Michael, this story would have a tragic end.

According Twitter page, Michael is the father of two girls and full human development. In addition to teaching, he coached high school hockey and University football team, enjoys music in the country style and cinema.

New York teacher rescued the woman from the