Another problem of the MTA began breaking down the elevators

Another problem of the MTA began breaking down the elevators

It seems that among the countless problems the MTA has added elevators, which have recently refused to work as expected. Moreover, some of them are quite new, and that means you can not blame the constant breakdowns of their age or deterioration.

According to the latest figures of the transport Agency, 3 of 15 lifts, breaking down more often this year, was established less than a year ago. For example, an Elevator mounted on the station of the Lexington Ave-63rd Street, as part of the project Second Avenue, took the sixth place in terms of unavailability in the list consisting of 247 of elevators served by the MTA. Also, things are not too good with lifts at the station 233rd Street lines 2 and 3 in the Bronx, and the 191st Street station of line 1.

Another problem of the MTA began breaking down the elevators

Throughout the system of urban underground, only 23 percent of the stations in conformity with the Law on protection of rights of disabled US citizens. Representatives of human rights organizations claim that the constantly broken elevators indicate that the MTA ignores the needs of passengers with disabilities. If a passenger is faced with a non-working Elevator, this could mean either return home, or the endless search for the station, where he can come down to the station or to leave it.

Press Secretary MTA Shams Tarek says the failure of new elevators — «business as usual» He also noted that the current plan to repair the subway, which allocated $ 32 billion pledged 1.4 billion for repair of elevators and escalators. At the moment, the MTA has already developed several strategies for reducing downtime of elevators, and their implementation is not far off.

The transport Agency claim that all elevators, subway was available to the public in an average of 96 percent of the time in the third quarter that, at first glance, a lot. But even 4 per cent is two weeks issues per year.

The most problematic lift station station Lexington Avenue-63rd Street was available in 82 percent of cases. In the third quarter of this year (for the period from 20 July to 26 September) occurred on 27 trips, and only four of them were scheduled for maintenance.

Currently, MTA is working to provide access to the metro for people with disabilities for the last 100 «key stations», but the Agency has not yet outlined a detailed vision of their next steps in addressing the problem of non-working elevators.