In Texas a female driver was arrested for sticker on car: «F*ck Trump»

In Texas a female driver was arrested for sticker on car: «F*ck Trump»

The Sheriff in Fort Bend, Texas, said that he needed to «chat» with a female driver, who was detained for stickers with curse words in address of the President of trump on the truck.

Initially, we even talked about the arrest warrant, but later Sheriff Troy Nels called woman, for dialogue, fearing, he said that «such phrases can encourage others and lead to confrontations that would disturb the order and peace that he promised to keep as Sheriff».

In Texas a female driver was arrested for sticker on car: «F*ck Trump»

The inscription on the truck, 46-year-old resident of Texas Karen Fonseca says: «fuck you ***, trump, and all those who voted for you».
Karen said Houston Chroniclе that it repeatedly stopped by law enforcement officers, but they have no grounds to arrest her.
«It should not cause hatred or hostility,» said Fonseca. «This is our freedom of speech and we can Express our opinion».

Press Secretary of the office of the Fort Bend County Sheriff said yesterday, Thursday, the Sheriff S he began to receive threats against his family, so he will no longer comment on this situation.
In turn, the American civil liberties Union of Texas said that the inscription Fonseca protected by the First amendment and urged the woman, if necessary, to contact them.

«In 1971 there was a precedent in the Supreme court,» said Lynne Rambo, Professor of law at the University of Texas. «Then the court overturned the arrest of a man for «hooliganism», who wore a jacket with an expletive, expressing protest against the war in Vietnam. It is strange that the woman threatens representative government, who like no one else should know the Law of the first amendment,» added the Professor.

Karen Fonseca stressed that is not going to remove the lettering from the rear window of a pickup truck. «There is no law against freedom of speech here in Texas,» she told KHOU-TV. «Many times I was stopped this year, but they have nothing to show me».

We will remind, recently a resident of Virginia, was fired for middle finger, which she showed tuple trump.