Strange last request: «Bury me with chesstable»

Strange last request: «Bury me with chesstable»

Every joke is always a joke. Richard Lussi from Plains in Philadelphia often talked about the fact that he doesn’t want to go to the light hungry. So his last wish was ordering his favorite of chistakov from the restaurant Pat’s King of Steaks.

The grandson of an eccentric old man said that when he asked his grandfather about what he wants to bring in his last journey, the 76-year-old man exclaimed: «what do you think? Of course cisteni from Pat’s!», while emphasizing that if the dish will be the bow, it will come back as a Ghost, and will long to follow her shiftless grandson for such a blunder.

Richard Lussi, father of four, died from a heart problem in October of this year, and, of course, his family was unable to deny him the fulfilment of his last wishes.

The Associated Press reports that during his life the man was an avid sports fan, and before going to the stadium, he always came to the diner, Pat’s King of Steaks, never changing his choice. He loved cisteni that has not abandoned them, even when the doctors forbade him to eat junk food because of problems with the heart. He often asked his family members to take him to Philadelphia just for these sandwiches, and the old man did not stop the fact that the road required 2.5 hours.

And now, on the eve of the funeral, his son, grandson and two friends went to a favorite diner men to bring him the ordered CISSTAT. They planned to only buy one, but just remember the advice of Richard that if we go to Pat’s, then you need to buy two sandwiches, because nobody ever orders one.

Diner owner, Frank Olivieri Jr., said that he was both flattered and confused, because the dying wish of his regulars seemed to him, to put it mildly, unusual. Thinking about what Richard would need a second chipstack, he suggested that one Richard keep, and the second will be a great bribe to St. Peter at the entrance to Paradise.