In new York opened a bar in the style of «Star wars»

In new York opened a bar in the style of «Star wars»

While everyone is waiting for Christmas, true fans prepare for the release of a new movie franchise «Star wars.» While around the city there are Christmas markets and festive lights are lit in SOHO there is something that can be called the reverse side of the coin. It has opened a bar called the Dark Side where all the fans can wait out the remaining time before the premiere a few weeks.

The atmosphere in the place reigns pretty grim, but what can you expect from a bar with a similar name, isn’t it? DJ makes every effort to maintain the current in the first moment the feeling, skillfully mixing a hoarse phrase of Darth Vader with the song «Every Breath You Take» group Police and replicas Luke Skywalker from «Sweet Dreams» by Eurhythmics. The creators of the bar is also a lot of influence gave the appearance of cocktailsthat are surprisingly nice in the gloom of the pub, decorated with sparkling multi-colored ice or and does burn with a bluish flame.

Bar will be open until January 15, and during his work there will be a trivia contest, show «the intergalactic burlesque» and the evening «cosmic speed Dating». If you find it difficult to imagine the last event, just think about the people in the costumes of the aliens, not trying to find a soul mate, not just to discuss favorite movies. The essence of the plot is that because of the makeup and costumes of the speed daters will be able to remain incognito.

In fact, the bar turned out themed and pretty funny. If you like unusual places, there is definitely worth a look to form your own opinion about «Dark side» of the «galaxy far, far away».