The new Yorker says that Cuomo’s office ignored sexual harassment

The new Yorker says that Cuomo’s office ignored sexual harassment

A former employee of the Department of motor vehicles of the state of new York has filed a lawsuit in Federal court in Manhattan.

51-year-old Lisa Mary Keyter from Buffalo claims that one of the officials appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, repeatedly harassed her and complaints not followed any reaction.

Lisa Cater the lawsuit accuses the former President of the regional Agency of economic development, Sam Hoyt. According to her, the sexual harassment began in October 2015, when the woman went to the Agency and Hoyt promised to get her a government job.

In February of 2016 Lisa Cater, as stated in the complaint, he received a position of Secretary in the office of the Department of motor vehicles Erie County.

Immediately after that, Sam Hoyt allegedly started calling her every night, threatening if she did not comply with his demands, could lose his job, with which he helped her.

In the same month, the official sent Lisa my naked photo with the caption: «How I think I look tanned?». In court documents said that after this women began to appear symptoms of depression, reports AMNY.

In August 2016, after Keyter retorted Hoyt on what is happening, he allegedly grabbed her between her legs and said, «You know what I want».

According to Lisa, Keyter, she had complained to the office of Governor Cuomo: by phone, e-mail and Facebook, but either received no response at all, or were «indifferent runaround».

Chief Advisor Andrew Cuomo, Alphonso David, said yesterday Sunday that the state started three separate investigations on this issue.

«When Mrs. Keyter sent complaints they were immediately transferred to the Department of civil servants to investigate. Sam Hoyt was forbidden to interact with the applicant and was urged to cooperate fully with investigators,» said Alphonso David.