New Yorkers urged to actively deal with delays in the subway

New Yorkers urged to actively deal with delays in the subway

Probably, almost everyone in new York knows what a delay in the subway and as it is unsettling.

Union passenger encourages residents and visitors to the Big Apple to direct their anger in a constructive way.

New Yorkers urged to actively deal with delays in the subway

Monday a group of activists of the Union of passengers started to distribute in the subway leaflets – a guide to action that can be done to improve the situation.

Activists appeal to social networks, in particular to Twitter, and use hashtags #CuomosMTA and #FixTheSubway every time the train stops in a tunnel or delays at stations.

In addition, the Union asks to go to the website and sign there petition to the Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo to «restore reliable service to metro, to increase throughput, to improve the feedback with the passengers and find a stable source of funding.»

«I plan to give out hundreds of leaflets and we hope that everyone will use these instructions to direct your anger into action» — told Metro the activist of the Union of passengers and a resident of Flatbush Lauren Houston. «Now, when you’re stuck in the subway, you can not waste time and immediately write a complaint».

Officials of MTA, in turn, said that the company just started its emergency plan to stabilize and modernize the metro system. «Recall that we asked for equal funding from the city and state, but the mayor of new York has refused this idea», — said the representative of the MTA Shams Tarek.

Kate albert, who each day rides on the 7 train from his home in Woodside, Queens, told AMNY that can’t plan a route because of the constant breakdowns and delays on the lines.

«I’m not sure that this campaign will help, but definitely will not be worse,» said the girl. «I was born and raised in Moscow. You can say many bad things about Russia, but metro works there».