In San Diego the Church attracted parishioners with the help of marijuana

In San Diego the Church attracted parishioners with the help of marijuana

It seems, two temples in San Diego decided to learn from the Indians and use marijuana for religious purposes. Cannabis use in them are not only not condemned, but encouraged. Parishioners are allowed to smoke pot during services, and you can buy it directly in the Church shop.

Moreover, the very Son of God in the advertisement of the Christian Church Coachella valley smokes, simultaneously talking on the phone.

The same voluntary rules in the Church of native Americans, however, this does not contradict the foundations of religious faiths, whose followers have long been practicing peyotism — the use of the hallucinogenic cactus peyote in order to expand consciousness.

All anything, but the local authorities do not believe in the purity of the intentions of management of temples, knowing that they hide behind religion to avoid paying taxes from the sale of marijuana.

At the moment there is an investigation in order to discover whether houses of worship are illegal dispassionately.

Meanwhile, in the Church of the Coachella valley you can not only appealing to God, ask for absolution and to hear a sermon, but to buy a jar of sativa — species of cannabis with uplifting-exhilarating effect.

In San Diego the Church attracted parishioners with the help of

To get access to all these benefits, it is sufficient to be 18 to join the members of the community, by paying a fee of $ 10. The age of the parishioners carefully check in the lobby of the Church.

Note, that nowadays in the USA there is religion, which is an integral part of cannabis. It is about rastafarianism, which combines Christianity and Afro-centrism. Followers flow preach love of neighbor and the rejection of the Western way of life. Rastafarians believe that cannabis is good for health and helps clear your mind from a wrong understanding of the world.

In the 70-ies of the religion has gained popularity through reggae music. One of the most famous adherents of Rastafari — Bob Marley.


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