How will celebrate family Trumps thanksgiving?

How will celebrate family Trumps thanksgiving?

On Monday, the first lady Melania trump were greeted by a Christmas tree on the doorstep of the White house. And the next day President Donald trump held the annual ceremony pardoning the Turkey in front of cameras and cameras.

After the couple of the Trumps have paid tribute to all the traditions, they with quiet soul can go to your private club in palm beach, Florida. As reported by the press service of the White house, where the President’s family will hold a thanksgiving Day for a traditional lunch.

How will celebrate family Trumps thanksgiving?

As informs CNN, in last year’s thanksgiving trump on the holiday table was about 24 meals. While the newly elected President of the United States treated the guests as a traditional meal – roast Turkey and pumpkin pie, and culinary delights, for example, chilled seafood, lobster soup, lamb leg and grilled scallops.

It is worth noting that all predecessors trump had their own unique traditions in honour of this holiday.

Former President Barack Obama most of the thanksgivings spent with his family in the White house, where lunch was served his favorite pie in six different variations.

But during his two presidential terms a few Days of thanksgiving, he and his family spent not typical in shelters, sharing food with the homeless and veterans.

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Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, spent thanksgiving at his Texas ranch with his family. His dinner was decorated mostly traditional Southern dishes: Turkey gravy from giblets and mashed sweet potatoes with maple syrup and chilli.

In addition, almost every holiday, including thanksgiving, is not without a personal appeal of the President with words of gratitude to the American military who are serving overseas.

In 2003, President Bush surprised the world when thanksgiving made a secret trip to Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, to meet with US soldiers in the midst of war. Thus Bush became the first President in American history that visited this state in the Middle East.

«Looking for somewhere to get something to eat lukewarm, and that’s dropped by!», — said Bush during a two-hour lunch with the military.

This year the White house has not signaled whether it would be trump to personally congratulate the military on a holiday, but in his official address in honor of Thanksgiving, he thanked troops and veterans for their service.

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