Woman arrested for arson of his car with a flamethrower

Woman arrested for arson of his car with a flamethrower

Barrington police arrested a 47-year resident of Illinois after she set fire to her SUV Infiniti QX70 2016, and then told law enforcement that her car was stolen.

After driving to the outskirts of the city, but rather on 1529 S. Grove Avenue, Julie Gagne pulled from the trunk of a flamethrower that she pre-ordered in the online store, and burned with it, his car. It happened on 10 November, at about 22:30.

This model of the flamethrower (Flamethrower X15), the average market value of which is $1,600, capable of jetting ognesmesi at a distance of 15 metres.

Leaving the gun near the burning SUV, Gagne turned to the police station of Schaumburg to notify about the theft of the car. This week, however, the woman confessed to the crime.

The police took Julie into custody by showing her charged with arson and filing false statements. The next day her case considered by the court, then the woman released on bail amount of $100,000.

Barrington woman torches SUV with a flamethrower, then reports the vehicle stolen: police https://t.co/1Cc0d4Ilmr pic.twitter.com/ky7QCTqANA

— Chicago Sun-Times (@Suntimes) November 22, 2017