Teddy bear helps not to forget the dead officers

Teddy bear helps not to forget the dead officers

The holiday season can be a particularly difficult time for those who have lost a loved one. However, some gifts can make them wear less unbearable.

The organization Bears Blue Line, which helps the children of fallen officers, tried to comfort the family, perpetuate the names of their relatives in an unusual way – by creating a special toy bears, called the names of the fallen on the way.

Teddy bear helps not to forget the dead officers

The founder of the Bears Blue Line, Megan O’grady says that you cannot change what happened, however, you can at least slightly reduce the pain of loved ones, especially children who are most difficult to accept the death of a loved one. Each of the bears was made by hand from the form of the deceased officer, which he represents, and each was sewn the name patch.

On Friday O’grady gave the bears to the families of the five dead officers of the police Department of new York. Many of them were moved to tears by the factthat their loved ones are not forgotten.

Since the beginning of this project, O’grady made over 200 bears, and despite the fact that don’t bring joy to people, the girl would not like to have their number increased, because each toy means of another fallen officer. In addition, the families of the victims difficult to part with because giving shirts, they feel like giving some of my memories. To thank the people for their trust, O’grady put a lot of work in the creation of bears, thinking through every stitch.

The girl says that she hopes to make memorable toys as long as the police do not cease to die on duty. Each bear takes about 4 days, and then they went to 26 States.