Lawyers: NYPD secretly tracks suspects cell

Lawyers: NYPD secretly tracks suspects cell

The NYPD is one of the many police departments in the country that uses secret military equipmentto track the whereabouts of the suspects, according to the signals of their cell phone.

Public organization protecting civil liberties, increasingly voiced objections to devices the size of a suitcase, known as StingRays.

Lawyers: NYPD secretly tracks suspects cell

As informs Associated Press, these devices how would a «mimic» under mobile platforms, allowing you to monitor need a phone even if the person is not calling or texting. The latest version of the technology can even intercept messages or to retrieve information stored on the phones.

Human rights activists are concerned that using this device for tracking suspects, the police may also collect data about other people who are in range of the StingRays. According to the lawyers, law enforcement officers hide it.

«We can’t even say how often they are used,» — said the lawyer Jerome Greco of Companies legal assistance in new York.

The General public in new York on such technology was not known until last year. Then the local civil liberties Union has published data showing that the NYPD used the device more than thousands of times since 2008. Yes, it helped to arrest the suspects in the abductions, rape, looting, murder and even find missing persons. But many appeal to the United States Constitution.

«We have the Fourth amendment,» says attorney Jennifer Lynch. «The founding fathers imposed certain restrictions on the government, when it took the bill of rights.»

Recall that the Fourth amendment means the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.

The way out of the situation human rights defenders of new York see special ordersthat need to police the use of technology. Already done in several other States.