ISIS plans often use women and children in their war

ISIS plans often use women and children in their war

Law enforcement authorities in Western Europe and North Africa are increasingly looking not only to men fleeing from Syria, but also on women and children. Few women participated in the fighting on the side of the Islamic state, but governments are beginning to consider everyone as a potential threat.

The fact is that in recent weeks the leaders of ISIS began to publish more and more clear guidelines for women’s missions and the training of children for Jihad, reports The Washington Post.

ISIS plans often use women and children in their war

According to Soufan Group, a private firm that advises governments and corporations on security issues, for example, from Morocco since 2012 has left more than 1600 soldiers-men to join ISIS. And as many women and children.

«Almost all women are telling us the same story: their husbands went to fight for Islamic state for the sake of money, and they followed the husbands, because there was no other choice,» said the Post on condition of anonymity, a senior Moroccan official.

Officials say that most of the women who fled to Syria, seeking to start a new life and forget about the entire incident. But fears of security experts is the fact that some of the women continue to adhere to radical views. And worse, in the same spirit are going to raise their children.

Zara, a native of Morocco , is one of those women. She acknowledged that the move to Syria in 2014 was her idea, not her first husband. «He was trained to be a soldier and soon became a Martyr of the Caliphate by the grace of Allah,» — said Zara. «It was and is our duty to bear children and raise them correctly. We will tell sons and daughters about life in the Caliphate. Even if we are not able to save it, one day our children will return to him.»

Zara still doesn’t know anything about the fate of her second husband, who left to fight in Syria.

Since the proclamation of the Caliphate the leaders of the Islamic state have not encouraged women to become soldiers or suicide bombers, but the situation changed after numerous defeats ISIS.

So, this summer, commanders ordered dozens of suicide bombers to act against the government troops in a last attempt to defend Mosul, the Iraqi capital the Islamic state. And in September 2016 the Syrian leader directed a cell of five French women, intending to organize a terrorist attack in Central Paris.

In Belgium repeatedly documented incidents in which parents claimed that their children tend to radicalize classmates are the sons and daughters of refugees.

In October 2017 in the official propaganda newspaper of the Islamic state al-NABA was published an essay, telling about the famous woman-warrior of the 7th century Nusaiba bint Ka b, which took a sword in the battle to protect the prophet Muhammad.

«The problem is that most of the radicals will not abandon their beliefs even after spending time in prison,» said Thomas Renard, terrorism expert and senior research fellow at the Royal Institute for international relations EGMONT think tank based in Brussels.

«We can confidently say that most, even after leaving prison, would not abandon their allegiance to the Jihad,» he said.