Hawaii is preparing for a possible missile strike

Hawaii is preparing for a possible missile strike

Amid threats of missile attack by North Korea on Hawaii will include a signal alarm for the first time since the Cold war.

As reported by the Agency for emergency situations of the Hawaiian Islands, the system established after the attack on pearl Harbor in 1941, activated on 1 December for the first time since the confrontation between America and the Soviet Union in the middle of the last century.

Hawaii is preparing for a possible missile strike

Residents who heard the alarm signal, required to go into the room and stay inside until further notice that will be sent to the phone, as well as broadcast on television and radio.

«We had concerns that this would scare people,» — told ABC News
the representative of the Hawaii emergency management Agency (HI-EMA) Vern Miyagi. «But this is the best practice in case the enemy would strike in Honolulu or other goals.»

Since the announcement of the air RAID to strike directly – usually about 15 minutes.

«No time to call loved ones to pick up the kids from school. Therefore, we must prepare in advance and know a clear action plan,» added Mr. Miyagi.

According to experts, in the case of a missile attack from North Korea on Hawaii may be lost up to 18 thousand people, 120 thousand to obtain a serious injury.

HI-EMA claim that although the United States conducted a successful test of missile interception, they still do not give an absolute guarantee of safety.

Warning in Hawaii will now be checked on the first business day of each month.