The richest presidents of the United States

The richest presidents of the United States

It is no secret that President Donald trump rich.

According to Bloomberg, his fortune is estimated at $2.9 billion According to Forbes and $4 billion, and in the words of trump, according to Time – more than 10 billion dollars.

Anyway, Donald trump is really rich. But the question is whether they are richest among all men ever to hold the presidency of the United States? made a list of the most affluent American President, adjusting, of course, such indicators as the dollar or, for example, how much would now cost land owned by George Washington.

In fairness it should be noted that the poor among the heads of the United States was not. All was relatively rich, with some exceptions. For example, Harry Truman is the only President since the Second world war, whose fortune is estimated at less than a million dollars.

TOP 10 American presidents with the greatest condition:

  • Donald trump – 3.4 billion dollars
  • George Washington — 580 million dollars
  • Thomas Jefferson 234 million dollars
  • Theodore Roosevelt — 138 million dollars
  • Andrew Jackson 131 million dollars
  • James Madison 112 million dollars
  • Lyndon B. Johnson — 108 million dollars
  • Herbert Hoover — $ 82 million
  • Bill Clinton — $ 75 million
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt — 66 million dollars.
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