2017 SantaCon returns to new York

2017 SantaCon returns to new York

Start celebrating Christmas never too early. And even if you don’t hear the ringing of festive bells, think about how bright and unforgettable to spend the festive season.

For this purpose, a good fit event like SantaCon is a pretty simple thing, and the mood lifts as good gifts under the tree. A huge number of people dressed in costumes of Santa Claus and go around the city to delight passers-by and instill in their hearts the spirit of Christmas. You can find them on the streets and in the subway, but their greatest concentration is in pubs.

That is why, especially in recent years, SantaCon has earned itself a not very good reputation amongst the cafés and restaurants of the city. It is a festival of «bad Santas,» said one. Some even refuse on the day of the festival to serve people dressed as Santa and other are closed.

2017 SantaCon returns to new Yorksource: flickr/cc/ Anthony QuintanoЧто, where, when?

If you think this is all nonsense, and you want to join a company such a jovial Santas, this year participants will gather at the James A. Farley Post Office, located on Eighth Avenue between West 33rd Street and 34th Street. The start time is quite early – 10 am on 9 December. At 10:45, the organizers plan to make the General photo, and then Santa will be able to go on the way to their favorite places, hot and not. Restaurants and bars cooperating with SantaCon, will be announced closer to the date of the costume of the race.

2017 SantaCon returns to new Yorksource: flickr/cc/ ken heisteria festival

In fact, the real history of SantaCon is rather vague. The first group of uncontrollable and noisy Santas gathered in San Francisco in 1994 to celebrate the holidays with a visit to the bustling bars and taverns. Three years later, the tradition moved to new York, but did not last long and disappeared. In 2000 SantaCon in the Big Apple gathered a total of 50 Santa clauses.

Particular relevance, the festival has gained in the last few years. This year’s SantaCon will take Manhattan for the second time. The starting point of last year’s festival was the iconic Flatiron Building, and so the procession did not go beyond the boundaries of Lower Manhattan and Midtown. How things will fare this winter as yet unclear but it is possible that the Christmas frenzy can capture still and Brooklyn.

2017 SantaCon returns to new Yorksource: flickr/cc/ Anthony QuintanoПравила and traditions

You may be surprised, but there are as many as 25 of the rules for SantaCon participants. Do not worry, they are very scary. The first and most important rule – the Santa suit is a mandatory attribute of the participant. And no, honey that Santa hat doesn’t count. The costume should be complete, but creative additions to the image are welcome. Besides Santa, you will be able to choose an elf costume, Mrs. Claus and even any of a dozen deer. The main thematic reference to the major winter holiday.

In addition, there is a tradition of exchange of gifts. The participants of the festival prepared a small gift between each other and hand out to random passers-by. Mostly hand-made amenity, however, as they say, is important not the gift, and attention.

It is necessary to stipulate another important point, namely, children’s participation in SantaCon. Although officially children are not allowed to participate in SantaCon, the reputation of the event is not too rosy. So young children lead is not necessary. The organizers don’t want them, still a fabulous representation of Santa Claus was destroyed entertained adults.

Charity fundraising is also one of the tradition of SantaCon. Over the past few years the participants of the festival managed to raise about $ 200,000 to various charitable needs. The entry fee of $ 10 allows you not only to freely visit any places along the route of the procession, but also makes you a patron of the arts, because part of the money goes to charity. This here is combining the pleasant with the useful.