Want to become a US citizen? Please be patient

Want to become a US citizen? Please be patient

In December 2016, the 60-year-old Dominican immigrant named Carlos Gomez filed an application for citizenship of the United States. His lawyer, Angela Fernandez, was sure that the process goes quickly, because Gomez has lived in America for 17 years and got green card in 2011. But in June, after six months, the application was delayed.

According to the immigrant that waiting for him was extremely stressful. Gomez right leg amputated several years ago due to an infection that he picked up at the grocery store where he worked. After surgery the man could no longer work in the same place, and he did not have disability benefits, so he had to live off food stamps and public assistance. In the end, he received citizenship, but after another 4 and a half months.

Want to become a US citizen? Please be patient

But the case of Gomez – this is no exception. Fernandez, who is the Executive Director of the Northern Manhattan coalition for immigrants rights, said that she has clients who almost a year awaiting the approval of the application for naturalization.

«We believe that these delays are done on purpose, she said, noting that they began after President Donald trump took office. – It’s just part of an overall political philosophy that immigrants are dangerous.»

Katie Tichacek, a customer Service representative for the Bureau of citizenship and immigration, said that delays caused by the increased number of applications by 24%. In addition, she confirmed that because of the presidential order on the protection of the nation from foreign terrorists, more immigrants were personally interviewed by the Agency staff.

The surge in the number of people wishing to obtain citizenship, according to the lawyer Nina Dutty related to the fact that more immigrants are thus trying to protect themselves from possible new bills initiated by the White house.

Immigration lawyer , Eden Butterfield confirmed a similar situation with green cards and residence permits. Another immigration lawyer from new York Michael Mandel said that many immigrants at all in doubt about whether to make any application in connection with the situation, fearing the consequences.