How does the greeting card of Tramp family

How does the greeting card of Tramp family

The greeting «merry Christmas!» back in the White house. Monday, November 27, family Trumps unveiled its holiday card, where instead of the politically correct phrase «happy holidays» can see the phrase «merry Christmas».

Trumps unveil their Christmas card.

Yes, Christmas. None of this «Happy Holidays» stuff.

— Larry Schweikart (@LarrySchweikart) November 28, 2017

For many years, former President Barack Obama congratulated all Americans with «happy holidays and a wonderful New year.» He believed that his cards contain a more General, not purely Christian conversion. Although in his speeches, Obama still used the phrase «merry Christmas» along with other compliments.

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Trump, in turn, even during his election campaign promised to bring back «Happy Christmas!». And in July of this year as President, he said: «Freedom of religion enshrined in the first amendment in the bill of rights. The American founders had made four to our Creator in the Declaration of independence. And I emphasize that we will begin to say «merry Christmas».

By the way, the card this year was signed by the President, Donald trump, first lady and their 11-year-old son Barron. The white house also released a special Christmas booklet entitled «good Old traditions», which will be distributed to visitors of the residence during the holidays. On the cover of the booklet you can see Barron trump, who leads the horse-drawn carriage with a Christmas tree to the White house.

We will remind, a week ago Melania trump along with his son solemnly greeted the main symbol of Christmas. It is now decorated with the first lady and her assistants fir located in the Blue room of the White house.

the illustrations in the @WhiteHouse holiday decorations booklet feature Barron Trump …

— Kate Bennett (@KateBennett_DC) November 27, 2017