Trump took the decision to reduce the reserves in Utah

Trump took the decision to reduce the reserves in Utah

Next week President trump plans to travel to Utah to announce his decision about the reduction of two national nature reserves.

During a visit to salt lake city, trump will talk about the reduction in the area of National nature reserve Bears Ears, created by President Obama, and the National nature reserve, Grand Staircase-Escalante, established by President Clinton. Officials say that the guarantor will not attend the above mentioned reserves, or to stay the night in the state.

Trump took the decision to reduce the reserves in Utah

In April this year, trump issued a decree about the necessity of investigation activities a total of 27 nature reserves in different parts of the country with a view to their modification or discontinuation. Ryan Zinke, the Minister of internal Affairs of the United States, made recommendations that talked about reducing some protected sites, including the reserve Bears Ears area of 1.35 million acres. Before making recommendations, Zinke drew their attention to the reserves that are larger than 100,000 acres, and which were founded in the period from 1996 to 2016.

National parks for a long time been a source of contention among farmers, miners and environmentalists. Conservative groups claim that the special status of these territories is comparable to national parks, and creates the burden of regulatory compliance, which hurts the local economy. Republicans in the Western States has accused Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama in a Federal abuse of power, when they began to demand the strict protection measures for these objects.

Group for the protection of the environment has already condemned the actions of the President. They said it was ready to challenge them in court.


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