Facebook will keep track of suicide with the help of AI

Facebook will keep track of suicide with the help of AI

In recent years, often say that the Internet is one of the reasons that leads people to the decision to commit suicide. Of course, this is due to the fact that online is very easy to insult others hiding behind anonymity. However, Facebook is going if not to put an end, at least to begin to change the situation, resorting to the help of artificial intelligence.

Currently one of the largest social networks is testing a mechanism for tracking the posts of users who may be thinking about how to harm yourself. The new feature is designed to quickly detect such publications before about them anyone tell.

The service scans your posts and videos in real-time using a method called «pattern recognition» by stopping, for example, alarmed by the review that may indicate suicidal thoughts users.

Function already some time working in test mode in the United States and other countries, which, for some reason not part of the European Union. Facebook has not commented on this fact.

In addition, artificial intelligence is used to prioritize the messages that have been marked, so they quickly came to the living moderators, and they could inform about the danger of the local authorities and the police.