The subway in new York city may stop work around the clock

The subway in new York city may stop work around the clock

Experts suggest to close the subway in new York at night, to save money and to repair infrastructure.

This is stated in the Fourth regional plan, which was presented to MTA Association Regional Plan (RPA), working on development projects in the «three States»: new York, new Jersey and Connecticut.

The subway in new York city may stop work around the clock

The plan also recommended to transfer the management of repair works in the subway from the MTA to public charities, which can receive attachments.

How AMNY reports, Tom Wright, RPA President, said the MTA should consider the possibility of closing the subway from 00:30 to 5 a.m. Monday through Thursday. Exceptions may be holidays or crowded events such as concerts, parades or football games.

According to statistics, at night the subway is in average of 85 thousand people, which is about 1.5% of the total passenger traffic for the day.

«I know that the work of metro 24/7 is a kind of pride for new Yorkers,» said Tom Wright. «But it is important to understand that the remaining 16.5 million who do not use metro in the night, pay for his work. We do not feel it, but we pay for it».

Alternatively, RPA offers to allow for more bus routes at night on the metro routes. Cars on the road at this time is small, so that the tubes will not.

The second variant of scheme closure is closure of entire lines for a long time. RPA has calculated that if the MTA will close for a major overhaul each of the lines for a few months, it will help to quickly solve the problem with the old equipment, signals and other infrastructure.

Some of the members of the Board of the MTA has already spoken against the initiative of closing the subway at night.

«The system 24/7 makes new York a unique place to live and work», — said the representative of the MTA and Andrew albert. «I don’t want to be a politician who will say: I stop the clock service to the metro.»