«Charity» tweet students cost her 200 thousand dollars

«Charity» tweet students cost her 200 thousand dollars

Instead of writing a check, on the occasion of thanksgiving, Danny Messina decided to turn to social networks and to attract the community’s attention to this noble cause. But she did not expect such a reaction…

November 25, 19-year-old student from the University of Washington wrote a tweet that will donate to children’s hospital St. Jude’s 50 cents for every retweet and 25 cents for every «like» this post.

this time of year is about giving — this year, I am giving back to St. Jude & the families who are supported by their amazing services

every favorite : $.25
every retweet : $.50

go give. go st. Jude!!

— dan (@danni_messina) November 25, 2017

She just wanted to get reactions from my friends and subscribers, and has created a viral post. After a few hours users have made thousands of retweets and likes, and today she has more than 200 thousand shares and 470 thousand likes. Thus, if the girl will really fulfill his promise, she would have to pay about 200 thousand dollars.

«I had originally planned to donate $ 1,000,» admitted Messina in an interview with CBS News.

The next day after her post had spread with amazing speed, she created an account on the website GoFundMe to ask the community for help. She noted that she had no such funds, so she has to ask care.

3 days, thousands of people have made a contribution to support the hospital. Thus Messina was able to reach the goal of $ 50,000.

«I’m still in shock. It seems incredible that people make donations because they saw my tweet,» she said.