Wyoming needs to return to the man 91 800 dollars seized by police

Wyoming needs to return to the man 91 800 dollars seized by police

The judge in Wyoming ruled that the state returned to the musician almost 92 thousands of dollars that were confiscated by police without any charges being brought.

In March of this year on interstate 80 in Wyoming officers stopped Parhamovich Phil and his band the Dirt Brothers during their concert tour of the States. The official reason for the stop was that the musicians were in the car not wearing seat belts.

Wyoming needs to return to the man 91 800 dollars seized by police

After this, the officers interrogated, trying to find out if any drugs in the car or large amounts of cash. They then with the help of dog handlers searched the van and found the money Parhamovich hidden in a box with a microphone.

According to Parhamovich, the police threatened him with imprisonment, assuring him that the transportation of such amounts of cash is illegal. He was subsequently forced to sign a waiver in the amount of 91 800 $ .

Numerous appeals of the musician after the incident to the appropriate authorities, nor the first, to no avail. During a hearing July 5, his money became the property of the criminal investigations Division. This very man, this one was not notified.

But Parhamovich managed to achieve the truth. 8 months – on Friday, December 1 – Parhamovich and Anna Bidwell, one of the lawyers Institute of justice, appeared at the hearing in this case. After the man admitted that it was his money, judge Peter Arnold ordered the state to return his confiscated the entire amount.

Now, when justice is done, he can fulfill his dream – to make a down payment to buy the Studio in Madison, Wisconsin, under the name of Smart Studios, where he recorded Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins.

gettin that Star Monster ready…

Posted by Phil Parhamovich on Wednesday, September 13, 2017


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