Survey | Half of Americans won’t buy Christmas decorations

Survey | Half of Americans won’t buy Christmas decorations

Thanks to popular culture Christmas in the USA has always been associated with a huge number of the holiday lights, the luxurious fluffy fir trees, decor for every taste, color and size. People whose creative nature requires going to the most magical time of the year, decorate the house for the conscience, sometimes participating in the unofficial (or even vowels) competition with neighbors. Obviously this all costs a pretty penny.

But the reality turned out somewhat different from Christmas movies and holiday TV shows. The survey, conducted by Statista Surveyshowed that the majority of Americans is not going to shell out for all sorts of decorations this year. According to the data obtained as many as 49% of the population of the USA will not buy new lights, balls and tinsel. Most likely, these people will use decorations that have accumulated in previous years or does not become fooling in such preparations.

Survey | Half of Americans won’t buy Christmas decorations

Among those who still allocated some share of the holiday budget on decorations, most of the respondents expect to spend up to $50 (13%), or to roam to the full and to part with more than $100 (12%). 10% hope to invest in $100, and another 8% plan to get rid of a little blood and lose just $10-$20.

In addition, 17% of Americans said that they can buy ornaments spontaneouslyif suddenly they find something to their liking. Another 14% said they would be happy to get some Christmas ornament as a gift. Luckily for them, 105 of the respondents were just going to give all sorts of decorative delights this Christmas.

Survey | Half of Americans won’t buy Christmas decorationssource: statista


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