US out of UN global compact migration

US out of UN global compact migration

The United States will not participate in the development of the UN global agreement on migration.

In the administration of President Donald trump said that participation in this process is contrary to the immigration policy of the United States.
On withdrawal from the Treaty announced the U.S. permanent representative to the UN , Nikki Haley before the opening today of the UN conference on migration in Mexico.

US out of UN global compact migration

In 2016, the 193 member UN General Assembly unanimously adopted a political Declaration on refugees and migrants. The Declaration was said about defending the rights of refugees, helping them in the resettlement, employment and education. The initiative has fully supported the administration of Barack Obama. Global agreement on safe and orderly migration, the UN plans to adopt in September 2018. It is not legally binding for the country, but only an attempt to streamline migration flows, which, presumably, will only grow.

As The Guardian reports, now there are up to 60 million displaced persons.

«America is proud of the legacy left by migrants and longtime leadership in supporting refugees around the world,» — said in a statement, Nikki Haley. «But decisions about our immigration policy should be adopted only by the Americans. We are going to decide how best to control our borders and who is allowed entry into the country. The global approach is simply incompatible with the sovereignty of the United States,» added Haley.

Earlier, the United States came out of the Paris climate agreement of the UN and of UNESCO.