200 Santas in Maine got up on skis

200 Santas in Maine got up on skis

Everyone knows that the favorite vehicle of Santa Claus are a sleigh pulled by nine magical flying reindeer. However, once a year hundreds of Santas descend on the ski resort and instead to come down the chimney, move out to the mountains.

18th annual Congress of Santa clauses took place on Sunday in the ski resort of Sunday River in Western Maine. More than two hundred participants, dressed in recognizable bright scarlet suits, and went skiing and snowboarding on the slopes to raise money for the public Fund Sunday River, which helps to develop this area.

200 Santas in Maine got up on skis

To participate, each of the Sant had to donate a minimum of $15. Organizers say that despite this requirement, online registration has ended, hardly having had time to begin, because all the seats were sold out literally in 10 minutes.

This fact suggests that in recent years Congress St is becoming more popular. In previous years it happened that he was sold not all of the 250 seats, but with each new festive season this happened less and less, and now the event has become one of the most anticipated events of the year at Sunday River. This Sunday, the organizers managed to raise $2,500.

In case you yourself want to participate in the race next time, place this beautiful is the tiny town of Newry, located about 80 miles Northwest of Portland.


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