Facebook launches messenger for kids

Facebook launches messenger for kids

Facebook working on messenger app, which will compete with popular among Teens, Snapchat. In the new application, the children will be able to exchange messages, video calls, emoticons, gifs and stickers with your friends.

Messenger Kids — a stripped-down version of the regular Messenger, but with many additional controls. Have access only adults control the app through their accounts.

Children who use messenger can’t add user to your friends list or delete the message: this feature is available exclusively to elders. They see the contact list of their children, and the child can correspond only with those approved by his parents. Messenger Kids also moderates and remove unacceptable content for children.

According to Kristel LaValle, an expert on child psychology, Messenger Kids — «useful tool» that «allows parents to watch the kids». However, says LaValle — although Facebook and made the app «with best intentions», it is unknown exactly how it will be used.

Messenger Kids designed in compliance with Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act. According to a press release, there is no advertising, and the administration of the site does not use personal information of the child. In addition, Facebook will not automatically redirect users to the normal Messenger, when they are older, although children can choose to transfer contacts from the app.

Now for US residents is available a trial version of the Messenger Kids in the Apple App Store. The application will appear in the Amazon App Store and Google Play Store in the coming months.

Facebook launches messenger for kids
Facebook launches messenger for kids


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