A little boy asked for a «happy life» for Christmas

A little boy asked for a «happy life» for Christmas

Modern adults used to think that kids today are not being modest, when ordering gifts for Christmas. In letters to Santa, many are asking for expensive toys and equipment, so that poor parents often have a hard time.

But sometimes there are exceptions to the General rule. For example, a student from New Orleans asked for something that would be more appropriate on the pages of an old English novel, than in our time. At Christmas the boy dreams of two things: a new pair of shoes and a happier life.

Such a request fell into one of the piles of vish-sheets that the children fill in the campaign called Angel Tree. It holds the organization of the YMCA, which each year gives gifts during the holiday season children across the country.

A little boy asked for a «happy life» for Christmas

Unusual cart accidentally caught the eye of Jay banks, a member of the city Council of New Orleans, when he was sorting his pile of papers from the YMCA. He posted a touching photo request on his page on Facebook to share their feelings after seeing it.

«This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.»

Actually, please boy really looks depressing, given that a child could ask for anything, but he remembered not about the bike, a games console or a million other natural things, and about the necessary shoes. Few people in the 4th grade think about how miserable his life. Here’s the questions, what went through this kid, what does he feel and how he can help.

Many Facebook users responded to the cry of the soul banks, offering a very active part in that change a boy’s life is not only a gift but also support.

«The best solution of this problem will be present in the form of support and mentoring to change his life for the better. I’m unsure, does the program to learn the boy’s name, but if so, then I will help you to find it. Hope and opportunity is all that the child needs to be concerned about at this age».

The youth organization of the Dryades YMCA where banks is a volunteer, every year, invites local students to make Christmas wish lists, to let people know that it is better to donate to Angel Tree program. To do a good deed everyone can, making a donation, by looking at their official website.