Protein from new Jersey trying to disrupt Christmas

Protein from new Jersey trying to disrupt Christmas

Residents of new York, in new Jersey, nothing good ever happens.

Last week, just before the opening of the festive fir in Sea Girt, mysterious person messed up holiday decorations. The police began to look into this dark matter, trying to find out who chewed wires, electric lights (and you thought new Jersey it seriously). After a thorough observation of the ceremony, they found the culprit. They found protein. Normal tailed, furry squirrel, with a slightly unhealthy thirst for sparkling lights.

Rodent with the manners of the Grinch, stole Christmas, has not yet been caught, but police Sea Girt saying that «a squirrel was arrested, she was charged with disorderly conduct and released on bail».

***Press Release***
The SGPD is proud to report that the case of our broken holiday lights🎄💡 has been solved. We are happy that no human acted as a grinch in this incident. The squirrel 🐹was» charged «with criminal mischief & released on bail @ReporterJim @brian4NY @ABC7NY

— Sea Girt Police (@SeaGirtPolice) December 2, 2017

Protein from new Jersey isn’t the first furry hooligan, appeared in the press this year. In summer, many media reported that in Prospect Park for five people were attacked by «unusually aggressive» squirrel. All of the attacks occurred in the same area of the Park, near the entrance at Parkside and Ocean Avenue. Then the government assumed that the animal may be infected with rabies, therefore, recommended that all victims of the attacks in any case, seek medical help.

In addition, in Central Park in Manhattan, walked the hordes of raccoons, which are themselves residents actively fed biscuits, pricked the way they take his front paws. However, despite the fact that raccoons are really among the cutest animals in the world, they often carry various diseases, some of which are deadly to people.

In July, the residents of Woodbridge Township, new Jersey, reported that on the streets of the town appeared a raccoon that was acting strange. Officers animal control caught the raccoon, and after analysis it turned out that he had rabies. So officials strongly recommend to contact with wild animals in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.